About project

The project “In autumn gleam of afterglow” has appeared on the basis of the previous concert programme named “The confession”. The project contains the immortal musical compositions from the russian romance’s anthology of 19th, 20th and 21st century. Old russian romances “Foggy morning” (words of I.Turgenev, music of V.Abaza) and “Dark-cherry shawl” (music of unknown author, the processing of A.Mytnik) sound true and emotionally.
Romances “Light night” (words of M.Yazikov, music of M.Shishkin) and “Only one” (authors are B.Fomin and P.German) are full of unusually lyricism and light.
Mellow voice of Irina Faschilina, exciting sounding of acoustic guitar of Sergey Isakov and sounding of a Keyboard instrument of Andrey Labchevsky – create indivisible imagination of nature and woman in love. The romance of V.Basner “white acacia” (the music of unknown author) is listening seriously and thrillingly. Rich nuances and voice’s mellow timbre excite the most sensitive sides of a soul. Special place in this project belongs to popular and author’s songs which were the primogenitors of a romance: “Pretty you my”, “Khutorok” by A.Koltsov, “Spinner” and other songs.

Contemporary re-comprehension of the texts, harmonization, combination of electrical musical instruments and “live” violin (Karen Karapetian) – give new opportunity to interpret new artistic form.
A number of modern romances were included in this project: “And to the end I say …” (words of B.Akhmadullina, music of A.Petrov), “A Gipsy come” (words of R.Kipling, music of A.Petrov), “Vain words”(words of L.Rubalskaya, music of D.Tukhmanov), “Don’t disavow when you love…” of A.Pugacheva and others.
The philosophical re-comprehension of heroes’ lives, their feelings, a tragedy of a situation – it is a distinctive features of modern romance.

Romances “Ballad” (on the basis of Lermontov’s poem “Tamara”) and “Lullaby” didn’t sound in a concert rendering earlier. The project has unique interpretation of a folk song “Crying”. It was noted in Russia in the 70th years of 20 century by I.Faschilina. For the first time we can hear the author’s romance of I.Faschilina “To you”. Many songs from this project sung by I.Faschilina were sounded on Belarusian TV in the programmes “New Year roundabout” and “Family affairs”. This project proposes chamber concerts. We can hear and see them in different prestige clubs in the capital of Belarus.