Russian Romance

At last years we often see fascinating posters “Romance evening”. These are the concerts of famous artists with old and modern russian romances. An interest of spectators demonstrates that this genre is reviving nowadays.

Melodious and affecting and sometimes na?ve old romances are performing in dramatic theatres, movies, radio- and TV programmes. They held to express the emotional state of a hero. Why do this musical compositions attract an attention of the people in the 21st century – in the period of rapid growth of industry and life. The sincerity and simplicity of romances are very closely to us nowadays. We tell now about romances which have artistic values, refined forms and complicated content.
Among the creators of romance genre we can call the names of A.Alyabyev, A.Varlamov, A.Gyrilev, and also we can name those composers who attain to the best level: N. and S.Tytov, P.Bylakhov, A.Dybyk and others. The compositions of these composers are full of beautiful and liquid melodies. They were close to folk melodies. Above this, romances were written to the poems of popular poets: A.Pushking, M.Lermontov, A.Koltsov and others. They told about love, jealousy, friendship, homeland, the days of parting, the beauty of native nature.

A history didn’t preserve the names of some composers who had created such wonderful musical compositions as: “White acacia’ fragrant bunches“, “Black eyes” (poet E.Grebenky), “Dark-cherry shawl” and the romance-masterpiece “I’ve met you” (poet F.Tutchev). Such compositions live in people’s memory many years.
Classical romance takes important place in the concert activity of many singers. The creators of russian romance were great russian composers, such as Glinka, Dargomyzsky, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Musorgsky, Rakhmaninov.

Modern russian romance has deep content and philosophical look at different phenomena in a life of people. It excites the souls both young and old people in the third millennium.

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