Irina Faschilina works as a lecturer in the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. She works on the chair of a management of socio-culture sphere. Her concerts nowadays are the bright contrast with modern aggressive musical tendencies. She is a pedagogue, conductor, investigator and a woman with interesting life. Irina Faschilina is a singer and an author of deeply psychological romances. Her pupils and students work not only in Belarus but in different countries. Irina Faschilina has inborn talent which was improved by famous opera singer, the soloist of State Leningrad’s Philarmonic – Seraphima M.Knyshkova – and by the pedagogues of Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

The voice of great range and emotionality give her an opportunity to create bright musical forms. There are no indifferent listeners in her concerts. Highly skilled specialists help her to create artistic musical works: accompanist Andrey Labchevsky (piano, keyboard instruments), Karen Karapetian (violin) and Sergey Isakov (guitar). Choosing the romance, Irina Faschilina says: “You can’t sing the romance. You can only live in romance. Three minutes of meetings and partings, love and losses, delights and tears – whole life!”
Irina Faschilina appears on the stages of clubs, University of Culture and Arts, in TV programmes and so on. She sang emotionally “Lullaby” (by Lermontov) in TV programme “New Year roundabout”.
Journalist Tatyana Shakhoveths has told us about life and love of I.Faschilina, about her son in TV programme “Family affairs”. And Irina Faschilina sings again and again… She sings emotionally and anxiously truing to touch our hearts.